Are you my kind of man.

I met Glenn when I was out shopping one day. My nephew’s birthday was coming up and I had ended up in the Lego store in London to find him the perfect gift. He loved Lego, but my sister could not afford to buy him all of the latest Lego toys out. I adore my nephew so I thought that I would let my substantial London escorts salary do the taking for once. Glenn was sitting at one of the table putting together a Lego model, and I thought that he was staff at first so I started to talk to him. Glenn said that he would be happy to help but he was not staff. He was actually on employment benefit at the moment and just spending his time doing something that he loved.

I was a bit taken back. None of the men I met at London escorts or in my life outside of our charlotte escorts, were normally on benefit. However, he was a nice guy, and I started to go back to the store just to see him.I did not tell any of the girls at London escorts about what I now called my Lego play dates. It did not worry me, but I was actually rather enjoying building Lego. After a week with London escorts, it was something totally different and when I had built a “creation or two” like Glenn called them, I felt much more relaxed. I remember thinking if one of my London escorts dates could see me now, they would think that I was completely mad. Glenn was a super guy, but I was careful. I did not want him to fall in love with me as he was not the sort of guy I would want to have a relationship with when it all came down to it. I guess you could say that working for London escorts had spoiled me a little bit, and I was used to dating men who were very rich.

Glenn gave me his personal attention and time, but the men I dated at London escorts gave me top brand perfumes and designer hand bags. At the time, that seemed more important for some reason.A couple of weeks later, I was getting out of the chauffeur driven car owned by one of my London escorts regulars when he handed me a rather large parcels. He smiled at me, and asked me to sit back down for a while. It was an odd shape parcel, and I was not sure what it was. My date sat there grinning as I opened the parcel. To my surprise, it was all of the latest offerings from Lego. I go rather excited but could not make it out. My gent smiled at me, and told me that he knew that I was a Lego girl at heart.

Apparently he had seen me in the store building Lego with Glenn with a big smile on my face. A minute later he invited me home to his place to see his Lego collection. I was relieved to find out I was not the only adult Lego addict.

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