For the Love of Oral Sex

Are women beginning to go move away from penetrative sex? So many of my girlfriends seem to be moving away from penetrative sex, and oral sex is the new thing. Why are we moving away from penetration? Could it be that lots of ladies have realised that they are getting a lot more satisfaction from oral sex? Speaking to my charlotte London escorts colleagues confirmed what I was personally thinking. Women have realised that satisfaction is seldom reached on penetration.

Do I climax when my boyfriend penetrates me? No, I don’t always and neither do many of the other London escorts I know well enough to talk about the subject. I actually have a really hard time climaxing when penetrated, and like my London escorts sisters, I have started to prefer oral sex or playing with sex toys. Could it be that women are finally beginning to insist on being satisfied in bed? I think it could be part of the clue to solving the problem.

I don’t think that I am hard to satisfy or anything like that, but I do think that I have become more demanding in bed. Is that a bad thing? In recent years, it is very much like women have learned to express their sexuality and that is what we are seeing the results of today. About five years ago, you would not have noticed a lot of women dating male London escorts, but today, male London escorts are more popular as a booty call for many women.

But there are some downsides to all of this. I have met gents at London escorts who think that women are becoming too demanding, and have kind of gone away from chatting up women in pubs and clubs. Some men seem to worry about that they are not going to be able to satisfy the women that they meet, and it could be causing a new bunch of problems when it comes to dating. If we all start to think that the only solution is to date London escorts, you really have to ask what the future is when it comes to lo love and romance.

How many London escorts have boyfriends? A surprising small amount of London escorts have boyfriend. It could be indicating that there is a general problem, and many people find themselves challenged when it comes to relationships. I am not sure how I really feel, but I do worry about being lonely. Having a companion is important, and if it means less orgasms so be it. I have a great life working for London escorts, and I do realise that I cannot have it all. That would simply be expecting too much out of life, and I am pretty sure that none of us can really have everything that we want in life. Is companionship more important than great sex? I would not be the only girl at London escorts, to think so.

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