Having Something in Common

I did not realise how important it is to have something in common. Like so many other girls I fell madly in love with my boyfriend, but at the same time things were different. He was the only guy that I had met that I felt that I wanted to spend some time with, and perhaps make it a long term relationship. Since I started to work for London escorts, I really had not enjoyed a lot of long term relationships. Of course, like all of the other girls at London escorts, I blamed it on the job, but I soon realised that there was a little bit more to it than that.

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My new love interest was a really great guy. Even though we were not living together, we got on really well and it felt like we were actual companions. It was nice to be able to share your life with somebody but we did not talk about moving in together. I had my own flat which I had struggled to buy with the money I earned at London escorts. He had his own place with a mortgage, but with a lot of equity. We did not want to let go of either place, but we wanted to spend time together.

Sure it was nice to be able to hang out with each other, and going out to dinner, but we felt that we needed something more than that. Finding something in common would be good. One day, my boyfriend cam home from work saying that his company was having a fun day at a local golf course where we lived in Greenwich. I was having the day off from the London escorts agency I was working for, so went off to play golf for the day.

I am not sure what happened that day, but something clicked. We both found that we really liked golf, and before we knew it, we were aiming to take lessons. The girls that I worked with at London escorts said it was a very expensive sport, but to my surprise, it did not end up costing as much as we had expected it to do. Once we were all kitted out and ready to go, we became really good at golf and started to play together at least twice a week.

Today, we are three years down the line. We have not got married, but we are living in my flat. I have left London escorts to do something else, and my boyfriend is doing well in his job. When we have time off, we like to travel. Unlike many other couples our age, we don’t just go and lie on the beach. When others are on the beach, we are are out there playing golf. It is a great hobby, and I really enjoy it. Traveling with our golf has really changed our lives. We meet lots of nice people and play at some wonderful courses both in the UK and abroad. This year we are off on our first golf cruise, and we are both really looking forward to it.

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