I am taking care of you my love – London escort

There is no one who can ever surpass my love and care to my one and only woman in life. We have been through in much stuff that we had fought together, won together and we will never giving up especially now that we are facing a great challenge on our relationship. She almost gives up in us, but I stay with her because I wanted to. I will never give up on her no matter how much she pushes me away that is how important she is to my life. For me she is the best woman that I will always treasure. I am in love with her so much to the point that I can give up everything not just her. The moment I met her I know that I am in love with her, my heart beats fast and I can’t say a word in her. I was loved at first sight with her. I saw her in a business event in London where a common friend booked her, I thought of that she is his girlfriend but good thing is she is not. I was really happy because I have a chance of knowing her more or date her. I never had the chance to talk to her that moment as I am shy and feeling embarrasses. But I can’t stop thinking about her even when I arrived home. Everything I do she keeps running into my mind and it’s never stop. Maybe I had to go back to London to face that woman again, I tell to myself. I flew to London miles away to book a Cheap London escort. I was mixed emotions that moment but I have to just be natural. I arrived there later afternoon and after some rest I decided to book a London escort, and it was her, her name is Kc. She looks so beautiful than ever. Whatever she wears just suite to her and makes her more beautiful. In my mind that day I spent with her must something be wonderful, something that is unforgettable that was also happened, thanked God. I am at my happiest moments that time. We went to many places, we had fun being together. I found out that she is very enjoying companion, like she has sense of humour. I love that she is there for me to listen to what I says, I love her voice it’s so angelic to hear. I don’t want that moment to end; like I wished that time would freeze for a while to have many more time to her. She is the reason that my life is something that I am thankful for. I am happy that she came to my life to add more colour and meaning to it. Having her with me makes me so lucky that is why I am not wasting the chance she gave to me. Even we are a couple now I still show how much I get butterflies when I see her.

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