London Escorts Agency changed my life when I started to work there



All of us wants a good life, who isn’t? Successful people start from the very beginning until the end. My life is not comfortable since we are living in India, the living is not good. India is one of the poorest places in the world. Most of us here are unfortunate and miserable. My family has no any business here, and we all worked to survive. Survival here is the aim for all. When you work here, you got a little money for your pocket. The place is messy, and most people are nasty. We don’t much value our look here since there’s no way to look good when you don’t have food. A little food here is worth fighting for, and that’s normal to us. My mother is a washer, and my father is a construction worker. We are fifteen in the family since our grandparents are here with us. We don’t have material things in the house or any machines that would help to have a comfortable life. We get our clothes to the garbage’s, and it looks like a rag. We don’t have enough money to buy new clothes or shoes. Sometimes, we go out with no slipper and feel the heat of the earth. Most of our stuff is recycled.


We don’t eat three times a day, and it depends on when my parents got extra money from work. You won’t see any neighbors that give you food, perhaps steal because of poverty-stricken. We are also prone to sickness here since we cannot afford to buy nutritious foods and vitamins to ourselves. Most deaths cases here are the cause of illness or crime. Crimes are also rampant to us, some of the cases here are stealing and kill you. You have to work hard for yourself to survive. In my life, my only dream is to get out in this situation.


There is one reporter who is having a documentary about our village, she is from London and told me if I am interested in becoming a London Escorts from Well, I never doubt or think twice, I don’t know what it is, but I want to go with her. London is located on the northern slope of Shooter’s Hill, and it’s the first time I saw a beautiful place. The place is big and clean. You can see lots of beautiful buildings. I have tasted the most delicious foods, I ate. When I became a London Escorts my life changed into something I never expected even in my dreams. I have bought beautiful things for myself now and send money to my family. I have also purchased a new house and officially a citizen here. I have now a business and let my family lived here. Life is more comfortable, and it changes when I choose that career.

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