To become a West Midland escort help me to reach my dreams



One of the most beautiful feelings in life is to reach your dreams finally. A feeling that gives us satisfaction and fulfillment. And after all the struggles and difficulties we have been through. Finally, we have overcome it and happy with what we have achieved now. Life is stressful and tiring, but we have to do our best to become our life better. We have to move and do hard work for us to improve our living. Life is too short and precious, and ending our lives is a big mistake. Life may give us many reasons to break down and give up; there is only that one reason to keep going. Life is tough, and we have to be brave to be able to have a better life. We need someone to hold, a friend, a lover or even a family. Because with them, it feels like we have the strength to carry on, they will everything is going to be alright. When we know that someone is going to be with us, it feels like the world is in our favor. There are times that we want to give up because of hard times, but we have this feeling to continue our life, especially if there are people who need our presence.


My name is Beatrice Brett, and I live in New York City for thirty years now. We have a comfortable life before when we are still complete and whole. Our family used to have a family bonding, and that is one of the treasured moments in life, they are always there for me, especially when I needed them the most. They were still there to protect and give guidance to me. We have a comfortable life, got a business and help many people. You can see how people respect and love you when you have something to offer and give, but when everything goes reverse, they will turn around and as if they haven’t known you. And it is the most painful part when no one could remember the good deeds you have done for them. Our business went down, go bankrupt and have to hold all our properties, including our home. We rent a small house and move to West Midland. My dad has an opportunity to work again to London that’s why we stay there for good. I also got a chance to look for work and become a West Midland escort from, through it I have saved money and continue my studies. I also had to help my family and sent my siblings to school. Little by little, I have achieved my dreams in life.

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