Gay friends – all girls need them

What do all girls need? I think that my friends at East Ham escorts would agree with me when I say that all girls need a male gay friend. Personally I have several male gay friends and I love hanging around with them. As a matter of fact, I have more fun with my male gay friends than I do with many of my female friends, and I am not the only girl at East Ham escorts to feel that way.

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One of the things I love about my male gay friends, is that they are not hung up about me working for East Ham escorts. Unless I hang out with other girls who are escorts, I often feel that they have something against me being an escort. That is something that I don;t have to worry about when I spend time with my make gay friends. They seem to think that my job with the escort agency in East Ham is kind of fun, and that is good.

You can talk to a male gay friend like a girl. Sure, I can talk to my friends at East Ham escorts about everything, but it feels different talking to a gay guy. They tend to tell you what they think, but at the same time, they do so in a nice way. I always have giggle with my gar friends and they seem to think that my lifestyle is a bit crazy but they love it. We spend hours talking about the guys that I date and at the end of the evening, we just laugh at it all. It is the best way to let go of some of the stress that builds up when you work for an escort agency.

When I need to do any shopping, I now always go with one of my gay friends. I used to go shopping with the girls from East Ham escorts. That was fine but the problem was that we all ended up looking the same and it was kind of getting boring. Since I have been going with my gay friends, I have my own special style and that matters a lot. I feel like I am my own person and that has given me a lot of confidence.

One of my gay friends was killed in an accident last year, and I don’t think that I have been so fundamentally heartbroken and upset. I took a week off from East Ham escorts so that I could help to organise his funeral. That felt really good and at the same time, it gave me a lot of closure. If I had not been able to do that, I think that it would have taken me a lot longer to go through the grieving process. I still talk about him, but only with my gay friends. If the truth was know, they are really the only ones who understand how I feel about losing him. I loved him, and so did they.

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