If, you are going to spend a night in with your loved one, what would you wear?

In my case it would have to be frilly knickers and an Arsenal shirt but less said about that the better. Tower Bridge escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/tower-bridge-escorts say that it is really difficult to figure out what men would like you to wear. Just like the rest of us, Tower Bridge escorts find it difficult to know what they should wear, and most Tower Bridge escorts just wear what they fancy.



Well, if Tower Bridge girls struggle, I would ask if there is any home for the rest of us. You would have thought the Tower Bridge escorts should be able to give us some advice. Angelique is an elite escort in the Tower Bridge area, and she runs a lingerie shop on the side. She says that many ladies find it difficult to know what to wear on a night in.



First of she says, if this is a sexy adventure that is going to last all night, you want to make sure that you are comfortable as well as sexy. You may not be jumping straight into bed, so think very carefully about all the difference options that are available.



Angelique says that many ladies do not speak to lingerie shop staff. They seem to be too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask advice. I think I might be as well, but then again, what are shop assistants for. In the United States, they always come up ask if they can help. Why not ask for some help.



Silky Nighties



Angelique says there is some beautiful sexy nightwear available that you might want to consider. Some sexy nighties even look like dresses, and when you combine them with a pair of hold up stockings, you can finish off the assemble beautifully.



Sexy nighties can be floaty, and will look just as great when you sit on the sofa as when you sit by the dining table. If, you are planning to start of your evening with a sexy meal, you should consider the nightie option.



Bra and Knickers



Bra and knickers are very sexy as well, and of course you can dress them up or down, A small strappy dress will look great with bra and knickers, but if it is during the summer time – how about teaming your bra and knickers up with a pair of satin shorts? You can pull on the shorts to eat and snuggle on the sofa, but afterwards they can easily come up and reveal a sexy thong or knickers.



Of course, there are many other options as well such as a basque but that may not make you feel very comfortable in the beginning of the evening. Try to focus on feeling comfortable says Angelique. When you feel comfortable you will be more relaxed and therefore you will at the same time be more sexy. Yes, lingerie is important but so is also getting into the right mood before the BIG event.

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