My New High Maintenance Wife

I had been dating this sex girl at Aperfield escorts in for a couple months when I realised that I was in love with her. She was not like any other escort that I had ever met before, and I felt that I wanted to get to her a little bit better. Even though I had been married before, I had started to miss the companionship of a constant companion, and wanted to get married again. Was this girl from Aperfield escorts marriage material? That was really what I wanted to find out.

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Most escorts I have dated tend to be rather pushy and to be honest, I think they make it clear that they after your money. Sure, they have a job to do, and to be make sure they make the most of it, it is in their interest to get arrange longer and more frequent dates. But this girl was different. It did not feel like she pushed herself on me at all, and she was the only girl at Aperfield escorts who had become special to me.


A few more weeks went buy, and I finally managed to ask her out on a private date. It turned out to be a great date, and although I carried on seeing her at Aperfield escorts, we also met up in private. I did not want to rush into a relationship, and we just continued to see each other on a casual basis. It did not take me long to realise that I was seriously in love with her, and really wanted to get married to her. I loved the way she made me feel, and knew that she was th girl for me.


It took me a little bit longer but I finally plucked up my courage and asked her to marry me. She seemed really surprised at first that I wanted to marry her, but I guess that is only natural. There was rather an age difference in between us, and I was not sure that she was going to say yes. However after a week she said yes, and told me she would be happy to leave Aperfield escorts for married life. I had to pinch myself, I was so happy.


Little did I know that I had taken on a real gold digger. Of course, I wanted to look after her, and gave her credit cards so that she could shopping. What I did not know was that she loved  to shop, and ended up maxing out the credit card every month. It was not really the sort of experience that you want when you first get married. I was still in love with her, but I soon realised that I have a high maintenance wife on my hands. She had done well from her Aperfield escorts career, and it was clear that she was not going to stop her high maintenance lifestyle. I wish that I had left my rose coloured glasses off on our dates.





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