Newbury escorts is in to swinging

One of the guys that I date here at Newbury escorts, is really into to swinging. As he is single, he has a private swinging partner. They only know each other through swinging, and go to various retreats together. Now, when I hear the word “retreat” I giggle all of the time, says Tina with a smile. Phil, my date, says that they are great and he really enjoys them. They have some really wild parties and you can have some really amazing adult fun, he says. That might be great, but I think that I would feel uncomfortable about it.

Feeling uncomfortable has nothing to do with my body image. Most Newbury escorts are really comfortable with their body image, and so am I. The fact is that I am not comfortable with having sex with other people in front of somebody. Phil says that half of the pleasure is watching, and seeing your partner enjoy herself. His swinging partner, loves Phil to be around when she has sex, he says. They are both really into watching each other, and so are many other swingers apparently. It sounds really weird to me, and I wonder what goes in in their heads.

Phil, my crazy date at Newbury escorts, told me that once he held his partner in his arms as another guy stimulated her with a sex toys. It was just so amazing to watch he says, even from the moment she started to get excited, to the moment she came. He said he felt loves to do this to women, and sometimes asks other swingers if he can hold their partners. To me it sounds kinky but it is whatever turns you on. I must say it is different, but some people do like different.

According to Phil, I don’t need to be shy. I told him that outside of Newbury escorts of, I do like playing with sex toys but not the way he enjoys it. To him, seeing a woman achieving an orgasm is a fantastic experience, and this is why he likes to be there with his partner. He holds her hand, or just makes sure that she is comfortable he says. To him, this is a really profound experience and is an important part of his makeup. Needless to say, Phil has never been married and I doubt that he will ever get married, laughs Tina and I can’t get my head around swinging, laughs Tina at Newbury escorts. Mind you, I have some dates who are into swinging, and they keep asking me if I swing. The truth is that I have never been to a swinger’s party, and I am not sure if I would like to. It seems a very odd thing to do. You go there, meet others and have sex with them. Personally I feel that I want to know a person before I go off and have sex with them. Honestly, it would worry me and I am not sure about the safety factor.

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