Oral Sex – yes or no?

My boyfriend is really into oral sex but it does not turn me on at all. He says that there are several different types of oral sex that we can try but I don’t want to have a go at all. As a matter of fact, I find it a real turn off. I have some friends who work as London escorts and they can you pick up some infections from unprotected oral sex, so you need to be really careful. One of my London escorts friends even said that it was oral sex that had given Michael Douglas throat cancer. To be honest, I would much rather stay away from oral sex and have some normal sex instead.

My boyfriend says that I am weird about not wanting to try oral sex, but I feel it isn’t for me. He is really putting a lot of pressure on me about having oral sex but my London escorts friends say that I should resist. All of my friends who work as London escorts say that it isn’t one of those things that you should be forced to do in life. I do agree, but I don’t want to let my boyfriend down. What do you think?

Dear Sue,

Thank you so much for your email. You are really raising an important point. Yes, there are many different ways of enjoying oral sex but it may not be for you. There are some porn movies which you could check out, but you know what you enjoy yourself. Also, your London escorts friends are right. Having oral sex can be just as risky as “normal” sex, so you should think twice about committing to it. You should not really have any kind of sex without protection as Michael Douglas said in a recent interview. Your London escorts friends are right about another thing as well – no one should be made to have a kind of sex that they do not want.

I think that your London escorts friends have some really good advice for you, and you should follow that. Does your boyfriend know that you have London escorts as friends? If he doesn’t, why don’t you tell him. It might come as a bit of a surprise to him but it could also be an important eye opener. Standing up for your own personal sexual needs is just as important as exploring others.

In a new relationship we should not be too quick to adopt a new partner’s sexual fantasies or ideas. First of all we should make sure that we are comfortable with their idea and concept of sex. They may like to enjoy and explore different things from you. But, if these things don’t turn you on – what is the point. Just because you really like somebody, it may not mean that you are sexually competitive. Sex is a personal thing but it is also a thing about safety. There are some sexual practices which are riskier than others and I think that we should be really careful when we enjoy adult fun with each other.

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