The Joy Of Oral Sex

Oral sexual stimulation has been practiced for thousands of years, as the depiction of this can been seen on a late 19th century hand scroll from Beijing. Oral sex can be performed as a giver and receiver, or may be practiced at the same time by both partners which is known as the “sixty-nine” position.

As a woman I can tell you that watching pornography helped quite a bit in teaching me how to perform the perfect blow job. While depictions of sex in pornography are not always accurate, pornography stars of years past actually taught their lessons quite well. Stars such as Marilyn Chambers, who really enjoyed her work showed how to perform fellatio like a pro.

Giving a great blow job is really not that hard; the main thing is making sure your partner is nice and clean. There is nothing that turns a woman off more than a stinky member. Assuming that your partner’s genitals are nice and clean going down on them can be quite a turn on. If taste is an issue for you here are a couple of suggestions that may help; one is have your partner drink some pineapple juice. Believe it or not, the sweetness in the pineapple juice will transmit itself into your partner’s semen although this doesn’t happen overnight. The next suggestion is to treat your partner’s genitalia like a lollipop; try honey or chocolate, you can even stick it in a jar of Nutella! If you are lucky enough to have a partner with large genitalia and have a problem getting your mouth all the way around it, use your hand to stroke the shaft as your mouth plays with the head; that will drive your partner wild. Switch the movements up between slow and fast and never forget to include soft fondling of the balls.

If your partners a woman the same demands of cleanliness must be met. Since a woman’s genitalia consist of folds of skin it’s even more important to be clean when performing oral sex. Every woman is different and prefers her oral sex in a different manner; some women prefer to be penetrated along with a tongue lashing on the clitoris, while other women prefer the tongue to be used for penetration and licking. The trick is to try everything with your woman; believe me she will let you know when what you are doing feels right. If you’re very lucky you’ll have a partner who will tell you exactly what they want you to do.

Never forget, many sexual diseases can be transmitted through oral sex; diseases such as gonorrhea and Chlamydia, hepatitis and herpes are just a few of the diseases that can be transmitted through oral sex.

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